3 weeks post op update

It has been 3 weeks today since my ES surgery with removal of my left styloid. The left side of my ear and a small part of my jaw are still numb. After the set back I had at 2 weeks, I decided to REST! I have seen significant improvement within the last week. There is still a bit of burning in my throat and tongue. My ear hurts at times. The throat continues to feel scratchy and at times really bothers me. I know this is the nerves healing and I have to give it time. I am ready to go to my surgery followup appointment on Aug 4th so I can ask how much of my styloid was removed. I also have a neurology appointment scheduled next week. Overall I am doing well and I am continuing to rest. I walk around the block in the mornings and do light house work. The medications I am currently taking are Advil and Lyrica 25mg twice a day. I am continuing to take the advice I read on this site! Its a wonderful site and I am thankful every day that God directed me here. Bless you all.


Thank you for this optimistic update, luv4pj! I’m so glad that resting & keeping your workload light is making a difference in how you’re feeling. I’m confident that you’ll continue to heal but it will take time. It’s also good to know that what you’ve learned from this forum has helped you. That’s our goal!

Please ease slowly back into work because stress can increase inflammation which causes symptoms to flare again. It would be wonderful for you to continue in the healing direction & not have anymore serious regressions.

I will continue to pray for you. Please let us know what you find out from the neurologist & at your post op follow up if your comfy sharing.


Glad that the resting is helping! So pleased that things have improved, & keep that housework very light :joy::joy:
Will keep praying for you :pray:

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I love the positive update posts! And I learn so much from the “not so positive”
Thank you for sharing your journey!


Thank you for your comments, shayney! Each day is a different journey. Yesterday was not so good but today has been a very good day. I just take one day at a time. I will have to go back to work soon so I am just trying to rest until then. Throat is still VERY scratchy but I am managing. Thank you again!



So glad you are progressing and healing. I wish I could say my ear was numb at about 12 weeks out. Its given me some fits of pain at times since right after surgery but appears to be calming down the past couple weeks. I still have the numbness below the jaw in the neck area. The numbness in the jaw seemed to defrost pretty quickly for me…maybe about 4 weeks or so, it started to slowly defrost. You will get there. Take it slow and don’t overdo it. Easier said than done though. :wink:

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My numbness is at my ear lobe and above. It doesn’t worry me much however, I would eventually like to get the feeling back. The thing that is worrying me now is wondering if he removed enough of the styloid and ligament. I won’t know until my post op visit on Aug 4th. My throat is bothering me now almost continuously. I am trying very hard to be optimistic because I know these nerves take time to heal. I have no pain except in the back of my throat area. It feels like needles are sticking me when I swallow. I am praying a lot and hoping this will eventually go away.


It can take up to a year for nerves to heal. The healing occurs gradually & almost imperceptibly at times. I remember having recurrent pain over months then one day noticing it was gone. It was kind of freaky but such a relief. Take heart in knowing this is a slow process.

Please let us know what you learn at your post op appt.