Post Op Update

Hi All,
It’s been 5 days since my external styloidectomy and I’m feeling stronger everyday. I know it’s early but I’m happy to have had the surgery and think I will keep feeling better with time. I’m off the heavy pain meds and only occasionally take Advil/Tylenol for mild pain. The worst pain I have, is when I yawn - in the way back of my throat (roof of mouth) and along my jawline. Thankfully, I tried not to yawn often. lol I had shooting pain when I sneezed too. Otherwise, being still, I have no pain.

I’m a little worried when I try to smile (big) my right bottom lip doesn’t respond so I have a crooked smile (and pain in the chin area). I’m hoping that will go away with time.

I will update again as I am healing to let you know how I’m doing. Thanks for all the support!

God Bless!


Great Amipie!!

So Glad to know things are better every day. Wishing you a speedy recover. NERVES take time to heal, sound like you’re on your way there. Good Luck sending lots of hugs.

Really pleased that you’re doing so well already! There’s been quite a few people who’ve had a crooked smile, but it resolves in time, easier said than done, but be patient! I didn’t have that but had a really numb side of the face & ear, that did improve quickly but took a while to go completely.
Make sure you take it easy- have you got family & friends to take care of you?
God bless, & hugs :hugs: :bouquet:

I’m glad you’re doing good! I am 3 weeks post op and I still have the crooked smile. It still feels like I was punched in the jaw on the right side. I believe it’s just from the surgical trauma done to the platysma muscle that attaches at the chin. It does get better every week though.

So glad you’re doing so well! Being off your pain meds that early is awesome!! I had to take them for close to a month. As you have heard, nerve healing is a test of patience. Your lip will come back to life over time. Get some laughs out of your crooked smile in the meantime.


Glad to hear y’all are recovering well I’m still having first bite syndrome but it’s getting better every day I still am taking some pain meds my incision got a little infection so I’m on two shots and then antibiotics so it’s slowly getting better and I’m trying to get back in the ocean by May 10 so yeah wish you all best of recovery and Alohaaaaaa buzzzzzzy

Well done. Hope you have a speedy recovery! Xx

I’m so glad that you are making a good recovery :bouquet:

Happy you are doing well