3d CT scan, Feb 5th, picture

I requested a copy of my film from the 3d ct scan I had two days ago. Everything is normal except for my styloid processes. The picture shows my right styloid in two pieces (left side of photo), and my left styloid in 3 pieces (right side of photo), I almost want to cry when I think that I have had surgery on my left side and that my inexperienced ENT just cut something and left everything in there..... Anyway this is why you need a 3d ct scan guys, it is the best picture to see our condition. Now I just want to get this film to Cognetti or Samji or Forrest to take a look at it. Currently my right side has been killing me, with my left side bugging me off and on..... Hope this helps some of you

Also I am assuming that the free floating piece of bone on the left side of picture ie. my right styloid is calcification, but im no doctor, it just seems odd that it looks to be at the tip of my right styloid yet apparently unconnected to anything, which I am assuming is because there is a ligament I cant see between the tip and that floating piece of bone.... I'm not even going to guess what is up with my left side ...... Have an experienced ENT do your first surgery.....trust me.

If anyone else has a copy of their film for a 3d ct scan it would be great if one of you could post yours too, I rarely see any ct's other than black and white copies to compare mine too, and frankly nothing is as in depth as a 3d ct scan. Thanks,

anyone, anyone? Bueller..... Bueller... Bueller?

Hey kitty, do you have a larger photo of what you just posted most recently, it is a bit too small to see anything

I can't make it bigger- not sure why. Will try. Did you see the one above it? Kind of blurry b/c I just snapped a pic from computer screen.

the one above it is great quality, I wonder about my right styloid, I know it isn't extremely long but it seems so so so much thicker than my left (which has just been snipped and left in, by a sub par surgeon). also it is so weird how there are gaps between my styloids. so many unanswered questions.