3D image of my styloid processes

After being told that my styloid processes were "unremarkable" (gotta love the terminology) my 2 different ENTs from a 30 second look at 2D images of my CT scans, I had a play around with some 3D modelling software to get a better look at them myself. All of my symptoms are on the right hand side. Definitely appears to be some calcification of that side to me, while perhaps not as "impressive" as some images that i've seen of the internet.

438-Rightsyloidprocess.bmp (3.36 MB) 439-Leftstyloidprocess.bmp (3.36 MB)

Same as you, read my last post:


In my CT scan is missing the hyoid bone where i suspect there are more calcifications. In fact my my issues are more related to the hyoid (hyoid syndrome?)

Could you post an image or privately send?

Sorry, I have just seen now the attachements.

Yes it seems like you have some calcification but, like in my case, I wonder if it is sufficient to elicit eagle's syndrome.

There is also a little spot near the left one lesser cornu of hyoid.

Funny enough, I had tonsillectomy 13 years ago like you, and sysymptoms are identical to yours!

Scar tissue from tonsilectomy is considered to be one cause of Eagles.

Thanks for the reply Spilloz. Yes there is also a bit of calcification on the left lesser cornu. Curiously I don't get any symptoms on the left hand side at all which I believe is not unusual in Eagle's syndrome. There was a lot of scar tissue left from my tonsillectomy which all ENTs I have seen have commented on. I found out later that the surgeon has made a mess of quite a few operations unfortunately.

It can be difficult to determine whether a person is likely to be symptomatic just from CT images. Often when surgery is performed, the stylohyoid can look different to what the scans indicated.

My opinion is that if you have some level of calcification in the stylohyoid chain without any other abnormality and the symptoms are typical of Eagle's then it is likely that the calcification is contributing to your symptoms. If the level of calcification changes over time, it is likely that the symptoms will change or progress also.

It looks like you do have elongated styloid on right. The left side looks thick as well. Hopefully you will be able to find an experienced Eagle’s syndrome Surgeon on the dr list. That is the only type of Dr that will be able to confirm for you. I had local Drs that didnt want confirm it was ES. They just wanted me on more meds.

where did you get this software ? is it free ? also can you post a download link ? thanks

It's called 3D Doctor. You have to buy it but I think there is a trial version on their website.


Have a look at this one first though. It is free.