48 hr countdown

Welp! I’m about 48 hrs away from surgery. Nerves are ramping up and I’m questioning everything. I’m sure I’m making the right decision because, we’ll, let’s be honest…there’s nothing else left to try right now.

I’ve done all my homework to the best of my ability. 2 CTs to view the styloids, I met with both local specialists from the list created on this forum and both feel this is a “likely diagnosis”. Although I question if I shouldve had a phone consult with one of the more well-known/well-experienced surgeons for yet a more assuring 3rd opinion. I know, I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.

I’m trying to predict my recovery but I know that’s not possible. Hope for the very best, prepare for the worst. I’m terrified that my symptoms won’t go especially since things have been feeling rather ugly the last week+. More tension on the asymptomatic side but perhaps because the symptomatic side has been ramped up. I’ve again scoured this forum and visited the surgeons notes to feel more assured and secure this is indeed the issue. I’m not sure if in doing so that I feel better or more anxious, lol.

I’ve got my list of items checked off and welcome a reminder of anything I’ve overlooked: wedge pillow, soft foods and protein shakes in the pantry, ice packs ready to go, reminder to inquire about meds for post op and ask about prednisone, what do do if symptoms don’t ease and/or wait to have remaining side done if it becomes necessary☑️

I’m hopeful for those I’ve recently interacted with here who are also meeting with Dr. Omlie and I look forward to hearing how their consults go. I’ll be certain to journal here how things go for me.
I also humbly welcome an extra prayer for my surgeons, staffing, my surgery, recovery and full restoration. :blue_heart: :dizzy:

Much peace & love to all.


Good morning, My thoughts and prayers are with you. I certainly understand your anxiety. However you seemed to have covered all the bases very well. It so nice to chat with people with the same issues. Do you know how i would ask for people who have had previous surgery by Dr.Omlie specifically to reply to my post about there previous experiences and prior symptoms. Do I go under the general section and ask? Thanks, All the best Daryl


Thank you Daryl! I appreciate your thoughts greatly!
@naturelover and @anharris both have experience with Dr. Omlie. You can search them on this forum. By clicking directly on their screen name above and you should be able to privately message them :blush:


You’re bound to be feeling nervous, but keep reassuring yourself that it’s the only cure, especially if your symptoms have been worse recently…just be prepared for recovery to be up & down, don’t panic if there’s some nerve issues after surgery, they generally settle with time. The only thing I can think of you’ve missed off your preps is something to help you ‘go’ after surgery, as the pain meds can make you a bit constipated!
I’ll be praying for you to be at peace with your decision & for your worries to be eased, & of course for your surgery to go well! God bless :pray: :hugs:


Thank you Jules. I’m eternally grateful for you and @Isaiah_40_31.
deep breaths


Absolutely all of what you are feeling is normal and a million percent understandable. However keep your eye on the prize my friend! This will be the beginning of a better quality life once you get past this! I’m happy for you and am definitely going to be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to hearing about your progress! I haven’t had the surgery yet but definitely need it but just had to have a different surgery for something that took priority unfortunately at this time. I’m so grateful for this site ! All best you totally got this!!!


I’m so humbled by your warm kindness & support. THANK YOU!! :hugs:


Hello there @Tjmhawk01 -

So glad to hear that you are having surgery to alleviate your symptoms. I am exactly a year out this month from my 2nd side surgery. I had my 1st side done in Jan. 2021 & then the 2nd side - May 2021. I am happy to say that all of my symptoms are still gone! I am so indebted to Dr. Omlie, my surgeon, & Dr. Cha, my neurologist who diagnosed me. They gave me my life back!

I was super nervous, too, before my surgeries, but you are in good hands with Dr. Omlie. He was fantastic! He has such a great bedside manner, too. That’s really how I got through those days before the surgery. I knew that Dr. Omlie was very experienced & he could handle anything that happened.

I would add one thing to your list. You will meet with the anesthesiologist prior to your surgery. Make sure you communicate with them any issues that you have ever had with anesthesia or drugs. That will make a difference in what drugs they give you & a huge difference in how you will feel afterward. I’m sure you’ve read that everyone’s surgeries are different. My two surgeries were completely different with different side effects & issues afterward. I had nerve issues with both surgeries. That is pretty much all gone now. Just take whatever issues you have & deal with them as they come.

My best tip is to keep icing the area. Don’t stop. Just take the 15 minute breaks that they recommend & then do it again for a couple weeks, if needed. Get some smaller ice pack things that will fit in your neck area. I actually found ones for the wrist that were little, flat hexagon ice packs that fit perfectly in the neck/jaw area of my incision. Any soft kind of ice packs that will fold nicely into that space could work good, too. You will thank yourself for finding them!

Good luck & keep us posted. Tell Dr. Omlie that Sheri says hi.


Hi Daryl - Just tag me on your post. I’m not on here very much anymore. But I’m happy to answer questions or anything.


Sheri, you are just a blessing! Thank you for taking time to help ease my nerves and offer great, experienced advice.

I will look for those ice packs tonight for certain. And you know what? You logically nailed it by reminding me to just deal with each issue as they come! Sometimes the most matter-of-fact answers are the best!

I’ve lurked and read all your posts- I’m just elated that you’re doing so well now!

Indeed I’ll say hello to Dr. Omlie! He seems to have a growing little ES following and that sure makes me smile :grin:


Good afternoon, Thanks for the response. Thanks for sharing your story. It is good information about the Doctor. Did you have your surgery and how did it go. Did they remove the entire styloid ligament including the bone spike off of the skull base. Thanks ,Daryl

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Much peace and love to you too. You got this and you should be very proud of yourself! I will be thinking of you, and I wish you the absolute best. :purple_heart:


@Daryl -

To tag naturelover, put the “@” sign in front of her name as I did on yours in this post. That sends her a specific note that she’s got a message waiting.

To read all of the threads that she’s posted, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of this page & type “@naturelover” into the search box & hit return. Then click “@naturelover in all topics” in the dropdown menu that comes up. That will bring up all her posts.

If you want to have a private conversation with her follow the directions @Tjmhawk01 gave earlier in this discussion.

I hope this helps. :blush:

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@Tjmhawk01 ~

This has been a long haul for you, & in spite of your apprehension, I’m so excited for Wed. to roll around & for your surgery to be behind you!! We all fear the unknown because of its uncertainties, but based on the great outcomes so many of our members have from ES surgery, I expect the same for you.

You have been such an amazing encourager to many of our members, so now I’m glad to offer the same to you. I think you’ll be surprised that things aren’t as hard as you might expect when you’re done with surgery. The first 3-5 days are the most challenging, and don’t forget that the first 2 days can be the anesthesia “honeymoon” period where you don’t feel too bad. When the anesthesia & other surgical meds wear off around day 3, you may feel in increase in pain & swelling. Don’t be alarmed by this. Just take your pain meds on schedule & keep that ice coming - 15 min. on & 45 min off (though some people take shorter than a 45 min break between icings). Make sure you have a thin towel or washcloth between your skin & the ice pack even if the ice pack has a cover on it. Ice burns are a real thing & wouldn’t be fun to add to an already tender neck.

I will be praying for you & both doctors on Wed. & looking forward to hearing from you when you feel up to it after the “big event.”

:gift_heart: :hugs: :pray:


Thanks Isaiah, I appreciate your help and guidance. I’m learning along the way. Please feel free to message me more if needed to help guide along the path. Thank you.


Thank you! I’m so grateful for this network of support. Best people ever!


Oh Isaiah, thank you tremendously. If it weren’t for the consistent active involvement of you & Jules, this forum wouldn’t be what it is.


So pleased that you’ve had such good results with your surgeries! It’s great for others’ to hear it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good luck on your surgery tomorrow! I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep us updated on your progress.

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Hi Daryl - I believe you can search my previous posts about my journey & even pictures (!) if you go up to the magnifying glass at the top of the page & put my name in there. I was diagnosed with Vascular Eagle Syndrome. I had both of my styloids removed to the skull base last year. I think that is the only way Dr. Omlie does it. He usually has his nephew, who is an oral maxillo-facial surgeon assist him. Both of them are great!

Do you have a surgery scheduled?