Day 3 - Post Op surgery with Dr. Hackman - Bilateral Styloidectomy

I am so thankful that I expected the swelling to get worse today. I couldn’t get through this without all of you :heart:. The swelling is much worse today. Tinnitus is blaring. The neck pain is still gone except for a little tinge in my occipital area that’s sore. I have some muscle spasms creeping in around my shoulder area. My jaw really hurts (going to soft food) and causing a headache and some SCM pain on the right side. My mouth is starting to move a little better and I don’t sound like Cindy from the brady Bunch anymore lol. My right eye is still not able to close yet and the left still blinks alot but I do feel it a tiny bit better today. My left ear is hurting from the tinnitus blaring so loud. I’m hoping the tinnitus will start to go away but I know that takes time. I had some IJV compression and since everything is so swollen now it’ll be worse before it gets better. My right side is more painful with a headache. My right ear is starting to hurt a little. @Ddmarie Thank you for the ice pack recommendation! :heart: It’s amazing! I started the Prednisone yesterday too.

I slept on a wedge pillow and had a great night’s sleep. I only woke up once. I did take an Oxy last night though. I’m trying not to take them unless absolutely necessary. My incisions on my neck are very tight and my entire neck feels like a balloon. Such a difference since yesterday. Thanks to everyone here I knew what to expect on days 3-5 :hugs:.

I’ll keep updating :-).


I’m sorry things are worse today but am glad we helped you prep for it. I think it was abt day 8 post op after unilateral surgery that I finally felt the swelling easing a bit. I did sleep on my wedge pillow for 6-8 weeks post op which helped me a lot. Praying the pain doesn’t get too intense. I sympathize w/ the tinnitus. Been there & wished an earplug would have quieted it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Poor you feeling rougher today, good that it hasn’t caught you out though…hopefully the prednisone will help! And don’t be afraid to take the Oxy, the more pain you’re in the stiffer you could get, & then that’ll cause more pain…Thinking of you & sending you hugs :hugs:


I totally second what @Jules said abt taking the Percocet. I tried cutting mine back around day 3 & it put me in a world of hurt. Took 3 days to get back on top of my pain. I ended up taking it for 6 weeks post op (after week 2 it was mostly at night but sometimes during the day if it was an uncomfy one.