A case report of gastroparesis resolved by styloidectomy

Not sure if this study has been posted or not. But thought I’d post just in case.


@Dontgiveup this is fascinating. I can’t help but feel so much relief for this patient!

Great article!! Thank you for posting the link!!

That’s a really interesting article, good to see in a research paper confirmation that the vagus nerve is affected! And interesting that they did bilateral surgery, Mr Axon doesn’t usually…good the patient improved so quickly too!
Thank you very much for posting it, have just moved it into the research papers category :smiley:

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@Jules i was excited to hear that dr axon acknowledges the vagus nerve and the implications that compression has on it.
Wish I could have both styloids removed in one surgery, to have it over and done with!

But when I questioned Dr Axon on have both sides done at the same time, he said he wouldn’t do it. I trust his reasons.

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Yes, he told me it would be too much, & that was without needing a C1 shave…I hope this study gives you encouragement!