Acid Reflux and Eagles

Has anyone who had Eagles on the left side and also had constant acid reflux symptoms gotten relief from surgery and if so was the surgery complete removal of the styloid or partial. I ask this because I have stomach issues and excessive gastrin. Once I had an EGD, the doctor removed a polyp and my pain went away all the way up to the pain in my ear. I have since had a partial removal of the styloid introrally. Sometimes, I don't seem to have any gastric issues, but when I have intermittent ear problems ie itching or throat issues that are most definitely related to the same area of my remaining styloid, I also have gastric issues or pain in my abdomen. I am already aware that the Vagus nerve is in the carotid sheath with the styloid and it wanders all around the body and into many areas of the gastric track on the left side and into the areas of the heart on the right side.

Again my question:1, Has anyone who had surgery gotten relief of gastric issues?

2 If so was the surgery removal of the styloid all the way to the skull base or partial removal?