All about eagle on Instagram!

Happy rare disease day to my fellow eagles :eagle:!

I’ve seen a few people mention the all_about_eagle Instagram account run by Dr. Nils Heim in Bonn, Germany…but I think it deserves its own post. He has operated on a few of the European members and also published papers on ES. He tells me there is another article forthcoming where he will shed more light on the two eagle origins…ligament calcification vs bone hypertrophy.

He’s helping spread the word and providing good information from a surgeon’s perspective. For some of us who encounter doctors reluctant to give referrals and unwilling to read scientific articles we print for them, maybe showing them this account will help break the logjam. Let’s follow him and give him some support!


Thank you, @coldbear! It is important that we support the doctors who support us!

Great that he’s spreading the word! Thanks for the info :smiley:

He also said that he’s operating 2-3 times a week because so many others decline to do it…reconfirming our knowledge that there are many patients out there needing help and a shortage of knowledgeable surgeons!


I couldn’t love this more! Not that I want to see ES be more prominent, I do want this to be recognized as not rare….because specialists are educated on it and can recognize and treat it! Thank you for sharing!