Also have Ankylosing Spondylitis and Cricoarytenoid Joint Arthritis

I have calcified left stylohyoid ligament. One of my symptoms is that I feel like I’m swallowing glass when I sing (I was in choirs for over 35 years, and now it’s just too painful). When I was first evaluated by ENT they said I also had Cricoarytenoid Joint Arthritis. This week they added ankylosing spondylitis to the list, and I’ve probably had it for a few decades. Does this symptom along with these diagnoses resonate with any of you? I also have Immunoglobulin G Subclass 1 deficiency. So they are considering prescribing IVIG therapy, which they said MIGHT help several of these conditions at once. And if not, once the deficiency is addressed, they are considering prescribing a biologic agent. (The other symptoms of Eagle for me are painful, stiff neck, POTS, and probably several other symptoms I’m not thinking about.)

Hi WillisWay,

How discouraging that you’ve gotten yet another diagnosis. There has recently been a lively discussion on here about military neck, it’s possible causes & exercises/therapies that can help reverse it. I saw in an old post of yours that you have been diagnosed w/ that. If you haven’t read recent post threads on here, you can search for posts by @vdm & @KoolDude as they have provided a lot of valuable information & postulations about its relationship to ES & ES symptoms.
vdm is actually having good results w/ symptoms reduction using the therapies he recommends to correct his military neck.

If you’re considering surgery to get that calcified s-h ligament removed, you might try Dr. Nuss in Baton Rouge, LA. He has done ES surgery for some of our members & the results have been good.

I’m sorry Ben’s Friends doesn’t currently have support groups for the health issues you have besides ES. Hopefully one day they will. I know they’re working on adding groups over time.

I expect others will respond with their thoughts on what you posted. Hopefully you’ll get some helpful input. :hugs:

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So sorry that your situation is now even more complicated…I hope that the therapy does help if it goes ahead. Thinking of you :hugs: