Also new symptons

When I had my CT scan it didn’t show calcified ligaments, however, the scan was months ago. I now believe the ligaments are affected. Dr. Cognetti was adamant that my severe dizziness wasn’t from ES. His attitude about this wasn’t good and made me feel uncomfortable with him

Blanket statements make me mad. My son had calcified ligament that looked like bone on his CT. There was no way to distinguish the styloid process from the calcified ligament on the scan. Everyone is different and you won’t know if it is the cause of your dizziness until you have the styloid removed and recover. My son had symptoms that no one else had and they are all gone after his styloidectomies. You could try another surgeon who is close in proximity to Cognetti. If you were comfortable to travel to see him, try another Phila. doctor. Jason Newman at Penn Medicine.

Unfortunately a lot of doctors are dismissive of some symptoms; members have grumbled about this before with a range od docs, and I’ve had it myself with the first doctor I saw, who didn’t believe that the styloids could affect the blood vessels and it turned out I had bilateral jugular compression! Believe me, it can definitely cause dizziness; mine improved hugely with the first surgery!
You can either go ahead and have surgery, then tackle the doctors later about symptoms which are resolved post surgery to ‘educate’ them, or consider seeing someone else you feel more comfortable with. Good luck!

I guess I’ll go ahead with surgery and Dr. Cognetti since the surgery is August 5th. Hopefully he’ll realize these symptoms did relate to es. I will definitely educate him. I don’t understand why these doctors don’t listen and do more research

Does he have another theory on what could be causing it? Or any ideas who you should talk to about it?