An old question, I am sure

Day 17 here of intraorral - tonsil sytloidectomy.

Going back to work in a few, but I am wondering why it is so hard to swallow. It's like I am almost choking just to get some water down.

Is it because it is still swollen in there?

Thanks for any replies.

You could very well still have swelling, or even some nerve irritation. 17 days sounds lilke a long time, but you could still have some undisolved stitches and there is still a lot of healing left to be done. I am not sure that I was doing very well at day 17. I think I was swallowing water. and soft foods, but hot or warm stuff was really painful for a long time. Seems I spent a lot of time sucking on those ice pops that come in liquid form in plastic and you freeze them. As far as chewing solid food and regular meals, I am sure I was at least 5-6 weeks out before I was comfortable with that maybe even longer. I know that I had a feeling of a lump in my throat and something stabbing me from inside my throat about at the location of the adams apple. That lasted for 11 weeks and came back a few times in the first 6 months. I hated it and thought I would never get better. I did get better so it just takes time. Hope this helps. If you had other pain and Eagles symptoms that have gone away, I think you will slowly feel better, but if you are uncertain, check with your doctor.