Intraoral surgery day 1

Yesterday I had my elongated calcified styloid removed. I was very nervous but the nurses, dr’s and anesthesia angels put me in a relaxed state! Before I knew it I was awake and the surgery done successfully! I ate ice chips and my tongue felt stiff and throat was sore, the ice chips help. Going home was a three hour ride which I slept. When I got home I ate some jello and took meds and went bed.

Day 2, I woke up really hungry and cooked some egg whites and carefully ate them slowly, took a shower and off to bed. I was able to get down some broth and sipped on water, the pain has been manageable. I don’t feel the choking feeling any longer, I actually feel really good, maybe it’s the meds talking! I have posted a pic of the bone removal, it was larger than I thought it was. Going keep resting and healing.
149-image.jpg (602 KB)

Wishing you a fast and full recovery!

Thanks, for the update...hoping for a speedy recovery!! Take care!!

Thank you for the post and the picture!

It could be the meds talking. A narcotic haze has some way of making everything right in the world. Still, you'd probably be feeling something if any major damage was done, right?

Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!

Thanks for the update. Take it slow and easy and listen to your body. Best wishes for a quick recovery and successful surgery!

Awesome, and thanks for sharing.

Do you know the measurements of the removed styloid?

Glad to hear it all went well, take it easy and don't rush to get back to 'normal' (what's that- I think we've all forgotten!). God Bless x

Great news! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Impressive picture! I also wish you a quick & complete recovery & a future free of ES pain & odd symptoms!

Day 4: my throat is in pain, the most difficult thing is drinking water, I was told I needed to drink 8 - 8 oz of water and what a chore this is. My tongue feels like it is cramping too. I’m hanging in there but it is painful.

I continually sucked on ice cups after my tonsillectomy. The cold felt good and helped to keep the swelling down, it also helps to keep you hydrated. Hang in there…

Thinking of you... hope things improve soon. Have you got an pain relief medication prescribed?

They gave me plenty of meds, but they kinda make me sick, the liquid Tylenol is easier on my stomach. The ice chips are helping with the swelling and pain. Thanks suzymc44 and thanks Jules.