Anatomy textbook

While browsing around the net, I came across this book:
Moore - Clinically Oriented Anatomy
Not a cheap one, but the illustrations look nice. Some chapters are free to preview on google books, amazon etc.
I found the illustrations to be somehow easier to understand than the ones on Wikipedia (mostly based on old Gray’s Anatomy textbook)

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Thanks for the info! It’s interesting & I find it helps to visualize what’s in the area of symptoms, & sometimes if you understand what’s causing your symptoms, it can help with the anxiety around them at least…

vdm -

I have an old Gray’s Anatomy paperback somewhere (if I didn’t give it away years ago for lack of use). Smart idea to look at an anatomy book. I’ve just been Googling specific body sites, but having the overall picture would also be helpful.

I just Googled the book & found the 7th ed. available for a free pdf download. The 8th ed. is the one currently for sale. Wonder what the difference is between the two? Also need to check out to see about their legitmacy.

Thank you for the info.