I got a copy of my images!

Is it weird that I wanted to have a copy of the CD that my CT images are on so that I could look at the images myself? Not that I doubt my doctor or that I even know what I am looking at other than the most basic anatomy, but I just think it is really cool :joy::joy::joy:. Anyone have theirs? Does anyone want to look at a screenshot of mine to see what you think? :skull:

Def not weird, I think lots of us have our images on here. It’s OK to doubt a Dr.! Besides, by looking at it you will learn your anatomy and be better able to speak to your Dr.'s. I am not a Dr., but several people on here can look at a scan and see what is what and help you understand what you are looking at. Best of luck.

Thank you! I have surgery scheduled for the Tuesday after Easter and so I’m just getting anxious the closer I am getting. I used to be a nurse before I became too sick to work and so I love to know the details behind everything and the way it is and looks so that I can visualize the what they will be doing during the surgery. :joy:

Is it weird? DEFINITELY NOT!!!
In fact, I’d recommend it personally. Having a digital record or copy of your images can make it so much easier if you ever require a 2nd opinion. A file of the images can be forwarded onto specialists, where if you only have the hard copy films this process can be more difficult. Films can get missed placed (as mine have previously) especially in a large hospital setting, then you have to go through the process of reordering new copies and this can be a costly process. Having a digital copy makes this whole process much easier and you have an updatable record to be able to show any progression. Certainly not weird.

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Dysonsmom -

IT’S TOTALLY AWESOME to have a copy of your images!! I only have are screenshots of my 3D images. I don’t have my CT slices. I need to see if the radiology clinic that did mine still has them & the written report as it’s been 4.5 years since I had them done. Hopefully they archive them & can still access them. It’s kind of odd but since I’ve had my surgeries & recovered from ES, I haven’t felt as pressed to get that info & didn’t think to get it at the time I had it done. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been on this forum & getting & keeping a copy of one’s ES images is part of that.

I’ve looked at your screenshots, &, because I’m not a doctor, I’m having a little trouble seeing exactly where your styloid is as the pictures aren’t perfectly clear to me. If I’m in the right place, it looks like your right styloid is pretty thick, long & twisty. Is that what you see or were told?

I’ll put your surgery date on my calendar so I can pray for you especially that day. I’m hoping for the best possible outcome for you.


I never got my images, wish I could’ve got them! It looks like the styloid on the right side (left of the pic) on the first image…looks pretty long to me, but we’re not doctors…being a nurse as well you’re bound to be interested, it’s not weird!
Did you have the Ct with contrast?
Not long now until your surgery; lots of info about what to expect on here & what’s helpful to get ready beforehand. I’ll be praying for you too.

Great that you have a copy of your images so you can better understand where your pain and discomfort is coming from. Wondering what software you used to view the images? I have my CT & MRI with contrast images on a disc but haven’t got any software on my PC that can open them so I can’t see the pics myself.

Hey Angelmum,
Just on the subject of software to view images. What is the file extension? ie “Filename.???” You should be able to do a search for that extension type online to find a file reader for that specific extension. This would allow you the ability to view those files.
Hope it helps

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Hi Angelmum,

There is also guidance on this forum how to transform your CT scan into a 3D image so you can view it more like 2 of the pics Dysonsmom posted. Here’s the link for the information on how to do that:

I played with that program that is posted on how to turn your 2D ct images into 3D images. Not sure if I did it right but it sure looks cool! My surgery is tomorrow :grimacing:

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Good to get started getting those out! Best wishes…

Nice styloids! You did a good job using the 3D program!

I agree w/ Jules! You’ll feel so much better once they’re gone. Just don’t expect immediate recovery. Patience is KEY!! It’ll take a couple of months, at least, post op to more fully appreciate the good changes.