Anklylosing Spondylitis & Eagles

I was just diagnosed with Anklylosing Spondylitis, I also had Eagles. The symptoms have a lot of similarities. I was wondering if anyone here has had both diagnosis

Hi Nanners,

I’m so sorry you’ve been diagnosed w/ another tough health problem. There is an Ankylosing Spondylitis group under the Ben’s Friends umbrella. You can read posts there before deciding if you want to join.

Here’s a link to other posts on that topic that are in our forum:

I hope you’re getting the best possible care for both AS & ES.


I appreciate that~🦋

Hi Nanners- nice to hear from you again, but not good that you’ve another tricky diagnosis :disappointed: I hope that you can get some help & treatment soon…

I don’t have it, but my partner does. So we’ve got both in one household, lol. He manages it with Humira injections every 2-3 weeks and that clears up his symptoms pretty well. Sorry you’re dealing with it! How frustrating to add another condition to the list.

I strangely had never heard of it, but I think some of my Eagles symptoms were connected to AS. Do you see the correlation between the two since your partner has AS?

Thank you Jules, I appreciate you so much,for always taking the time to always answer my questions. You are so inspiring ~🌻

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I suppose in that they both cause pain and both can be hard to diagnose/manage (my partner was actually diagnosed when he lived in Chile; many US doctors overlooked his symptoms and the fact that he had the gene.) But for him it mainly manifests with arthritic pain in his hip. My symptoms are vascular and mainly headache/neck ache, dizziness, that kind of thing. I’m curious what symptoms you feel overlapped with Eagles? Everyone is so different!

I experienced vascular with my left styloid, which was removed, my right styloid was not as bad, I had them both removed in the span of 4 years. Though, My neck pain never went away after my second surgery, it got worse along with headaches, then along came the back, hip, & pelvis pain. I’m starting to wonder if my neck pain was all AS & not ES. There are so many obscure illnesses that mimic each other, which make it so frustrating for ppl like us. Thank you for your feed back~ it helps . I’m going to ask my RA about Humira🌻

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