Another surgery!

Here I go, will find out June 14th what the plan is… This will be my 4th surgery… My hyoid bone is calcified 2 inches… I kept telling them I can feel it when it’s happening but no one believed me… Now I also found out I have a hypermobil neck… I truly wonder if this is the issue all along, making my ligaments calcify???

Sorry to hear that you’re still having problems, Ang.
Did you do the survey a couple of years ago about symptoms? If so have you still got a link to it, since the site’s changed some things seem to be missing!
Hope that your appt. goes well on the 14th, and that the doctors have a plan and some answers for you… let us know how it goes!

I truly think it’s my cervical spine… But then I found out my cortisol levels are real low, my T3 is really high… and I have a high amount of Iron… I think you are right… All I want is help… not I have horrid headaches… Ear pain, feeling like i’m going deaf even though I can hear etc… it’s debilitating for sure :frowning: