Any Dr. in the Seattle area?

My ENT on the east side is finally looking to refer me to someone who does this surgery. He has been told UW has good choices. Does anyone know?

Lady, I don't believe there are any experienced Eagles doctors in the Seattle area (or even the rest of Washington or Oregon). We've had two people on here fairly recently from Washington and CoGougs ended up going to California (Dr. Samji) and Eagleheart ended up going to Philadelphia (Dr. Cognetti) for their surgeries.

I'm waiting for my ENT to check on a surgeon who has been recommended by others. Hopefully, that will work out. I certainly don't want to be worked on by someone not experienced in this. I did have one dr. from that area tell my physician he would not do this surgery anymore as there had been problems when he did!!!!

Thanks. The first dr. I checked with has stopped doing any surgery even remotely connected -- wonder, maybe a good thing. I just found another one at UW, so we will see.

I guess I could figure out a way to go back to PA; family and friends; however, I need the medical assistance in WA to help with bills, Medicare doesn't cover all.