Looking for Eagle Surgeon in Louisville KY or surrounding area

I am looking for names of surgeons who are experienced in ES surgery. I have an appointment in 10 days with an excellent head and neck surgeon, Dr Bumpous at the University of Louisville, but I don't know yet if he has experience with ES. Since I am desperate for relief, if he does not want to operate on me, I want to find someone else as a back up plan. I'm not sure how much longer I can stand this pain.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I see the name of Dr Brigance in Indianapolis on the doctors list. Has anyone had any experience with him?

Thank you!

GO CARDS! ....

One or our members had a successful surgery with him that is why he is on the list. Sorry, I don't know who it was. I think our member found him to be very nice, I do not remember if he had done many other surgeries. If you go to the discussions tab and in the search field type Brigance or Indianapolis, you will get the discussions with this keyword and be able to see the discussions for yourself. Hope this helps. If you checked the excel sheet with doctors and there was none listed in Chicago, that is because no one on this forum has mentioned a doctor in Chicago. I could have missed one, but when I was lookiing, I started at the first discussions in this forum and worked my way forward trying to make a list of all successful doctors for myself. Then I realized that a spreadsheet for everyone would help. I am not perfect so I could have missed one. You can also search Chicago and see if any doctors are found that way. Good luck to you.

Sorry my first post was unhelpful, I was born in the ville so I had to blurt that out. You are extremely close to Dr. Forrest in the Cleveland clinic in ohio. That would be the best place to start in my opinion. I know I would go see him if I lived up there still!

Dr. Forrest is in Columbus OH. I don't remember which hospital.

Oops, my mistake, either way though, look on the bright side, at least you are in a bordering state of a well known ENT who has experience in ES. =-)

Thank you all for your replies. And Lively, I am a big U of L basketball (men and women) fan, so yes, Go Cards!!

Dr. Forrest is with a voice and swallowing clinic affiliated with Wexner Hospital and Ohio State univ hospital.