Any good surgeons skilled in Eagle Syndrome in London?

Are there any really great ES doctors/surgeons besides Dr Axon in the U.K. ? Especially within the London area?

There’s a Dr Jonathan Hughes mentioned on our list in London, we’ve not heard much about him though. He does seem to do alot of private work, but found a link & it seems that he does work on the NHS too:
Mr Jonathan Hughes : University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (
Maybe your GP might be more willing to refer you to London?

Thanks Jules, it would be good to know how good he is and how many successful surgeries he has carried out…I’m scared of being in the wrong hands.

It is very good that you are cautious, Dontgiveup! This is not a health problem to take lightly. Fight for the best care you can get even if it means waiting a bit longer than you would like.

Mr Axon at Addenbrooke hospital, Cambridge

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