Any recent surgeries in Australia?

Hello everybody,

This community forum is a real gem, after reading the discussions and post-op updates, I got quite a good impression of what to expect and what to avoid…

I am wondering if there have been any recent surgeries done somewhere in Australia? I was finally diagnosed with this rare thing, as one of my tusks is 53mm, the other 29mm, and symptoms more or less match those described in these discussions and scientific articles. So I am looking forward to getting rid of them quickly and as safely as possible…

After reading @KenD and @purple_girl experience, I think Dr Roy Nicholson is the most appreciated Australian specialist here, but the information was around 3 years old.

Have there been any changes in this field since then?..

Any updates would be greatly appreciated.


Hi vdm!

Here is the link for the spreadsheet of doctors in countries outside the US

OtherCountryEaglesSyndromeDoctors 2017.docx (22.5 KB)

You can check out the doctors that have done surgeries in your country & try searching this site for them by name to see if they’ve been specifically mentioned in any posts. Sadly, there don’t seem to be any really terrific ES surgeons in Australia though there are several who are familiar w/ ES & willing to do surgery.

Flora just recommended this doctor in Canberra Dr Tim Makeham, Canberra, Australia. Don’t know if he’s on the Doctors’ List yet.

A couple of doctors have been mentioned since the list was made- as Isaiah says Flora has had surgery with Dr Makeham in Canberra, & member Veeds was seeing a Dr Ben Dixon she thinks was mentioned by someone, but we’ve bot had any updates, maybe you could message her. Vkossa has been searching for a doctor too, so you could message her to connect; she saw a Dr Matthew Broadhurst In QLD, but it seems he only does intra-oral surgery & only removes the ligaments, so that would be no good for you.
If there are any skull base surgeons/ otolaryngologists in your area, they would be worth trying, as they operate in the same area as the styloid processes.