Surgeon in Queensland, Australia

Hi everyone. I’m a newbie here. My question is for anyone in Queensland, Australia that has had surgery. I see there’s one surgeon on the list that’s provided. Has anyone had surgery with him or some other surgeon that’s not been mentioned. If so how was your experience etc. :wave:t3:

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Hi Rob,

Welcome to this forum. Glad you found us!
If the surgeon is listed on the ES Doctors’ List then at least one person on this forum had surgery done by that surgeon. It may have been some time ago & that person may no longer be actively posting here. Sadly w/o his/her input, there’s no way to know what the outcome was. Hopefully, you’ll get a response from someone “in the know”.

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Hi Rob, not sure who is on the list but I did consult Dr Broadhurst, ENT and head and neck surgeon based in Brisbane last year after reading from a member here that had successful surgery.

I found him to be a very good and compassionate doctor and I would not have hesitated to have undergone surgery with him. Only thing is Dr Broadhurst removes ligament only not the styloid process and my issue was an elongated styloid. If you have issues with ligament only highly recommend Dr Broadhurst. I also saw A/Prof Elliot in Sydney. He is also very good and offered to perform internal surgery.

I have decided to give myself some time before deciding on surgery and the surgeon but can say that the two specialists are very good and I found them both through this site.

How long have you have symptoms?