Any tip on how to cope with no k pain during the night?

Hi all. Both sides of my neck from the back of my ears down gets really painful during the night especially when I lay flat on my back. I tried sleeping one side but the other side would be painful. Pain is like burning on the neck. It’s been only 2 weeks and I feel like going through hell. Anyone here with similar problem? He anyone got any tips on how to get a better sleep. I take pain killer but only last half way through the night. Thanks in advance.

I use ice wrapped around my neck and sleep somewhat inclined with stacked pillows. It gets me through a good chunk of the night. Good luck.

Vince, ESPat gave me that advice too; I was having trouble sleeping as I get pain in a similar place to you. I tried propping myself up with pillows as suggested, and that has really helped too- thanks Pat!

Good luck,


I always use a neck pillow made of memory foam if I am having really bad pain at night. I got mine at although I don't know if they still exist as a company.

Thanks for the advice guys. I will try it tonight.

yea vince check out that is the exact pillow I use all the time, they have more expensive full pillows for your bed, but it is really hard to find a "U" shaped pillow that is made out of any type of decent material, the memory foam in it just feels wonderful, sure it isn't full relief, but as you know, every little bit helps.

I had neck pain so bad at one time I could only doze off for 1 hr at a time and then I'd wake up. This went on for 4-5 months. I was miserable. Drug after drug and nothing seemed to help. Then one of my doctors gave me a prescription for Lorazepam. I took 1mg about 1/2 hr before bedtime. From the first night on I averaged 5 hrs of sleep. I'd wake up in the morning and the pain was still there but at least I got some zzz's. And yes it can be habit forming. I've been on it for years and don't take more that 1 mg. It sure helps.


Try a Baby Boppy Pillow or neck supporter they sell in Babies R Us,etc., it may cradle the head, keeping it supported just right, check with docs first tho! Comes in a manly baseball pattern, baby NOT included! ; > ) Good luck!

Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Travel Neckrest are too cute!


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Try eating a bunch of popsicles before bed. That was the only way I could sleep before surgery.

Ice pops make be good for throat and give a lot of relief and hydration., but make SURE NOT TO EAT ANYTHING after 10 pm or so the night BEFORE a surgery, what you eat stays in body, anesthesia dries you out, making it sometimes diffucult to move bowel the next time you go! I have had over 10 surgeries/medical procedures utilizing general anesthesia. The frst time no one told me, that the NOT TO EAT also meant NOTHING TO DRINK either, INCUDING WATER! and I'd thrown up the tiny bit of water I had the mornning of that first surgery, glad it wasn't an intraoral procedure at that time!

Good luck!

I have been having more problems with neck pain while trying to sleep. Sometimes it is like I am being strangled; this is very apparent after talking and/or eating a regular meal. I try to sleep with the extra pillow, etc. If I use Ambien, then I am drugged up the next day, and I only use a quarter of a tablet. I will try to find the pillow from BabiesRUs, I have a blow up travel pillow, but it feels weird. Thanks.

Lady, take a look at the memory foam travel pillow I posted about, I need to buy another one as it eventually split near the back from over use. I don't know what I would have done without it these past 5 years