Hi, twice now from a new member!

I was wondering if anyone out there finds that sleeping with the side of their face against a pillow exacerbates their symptoms.

As hard as I try to sleep on my back with a good 'neck pillow' under my head, I end up rolling onto my side, cheek to pillow.

Over the years I've asked doctors, physical therapists, my cranio-sacral therapist who I trust beyond measure ... and they've all said it wouldn't make a difference, pain wise.

Of course, that was before my diagnosis of ES.

I greatly appreciate the input of your experience,

~~ Hopeful

Hopeful, it definitely made a number of my symptoms worse. To me it made sense because it was putting more pressure on some of the nerves.

As usual, I agree with heidemt. Yes, resting on the side increased my symptoms. I don't have any great advice, though- it's hard for me to stay on my back, too.


I have slept ONLY on my back for the last 2 years. I really miss sleeping on my side, but don't want to take a chance. I have used different methods to stabilize my head and prevent it from tilting to one side, from travel neck pillows to cradle my head , first with the curve on the crown of my head, which was directly on the mattress (no pillow under it), then secondly with the curve under my chin while my head was resting on a cervical pillow. I currently don't use it as my pillow is concave enough so that my head doesn't turn.

I am strongly considering McGyvering a new head restraint from pool noodles and a bendy bar, but I want to wait for my new scan before I do. Perhaps one of those pillow that you sit on when you have a "butt" injury will work too. It might cradle the head, while supporting the neck. ;)

I have tried many pillows over the years and my wife thinks I have a "pillow addiction", but I just have yet to find one that really does the job, or at least continues to do the job after the first few months.

Good luck,

Red Pill

Thank you heidemt, eagleheart and Red Pill!

I greatly appreciate your responses. So it appears 'I go it not alone!' ~~ I wish I did ... the thought of anyone else suffering the same pain I do hurts my heart.

LOVE the thought of McGyvering a pillow solution! Put me on your waiting list!!!

Thanks again,


Hopeful - to give you hope - after my surgeries, I can sleep on my side just fine now.

I totally agree that sleeping on my back has helped keep my symptoms subsided. As hard as it is to stay sleep on my back,& OH how I long to sleep on my sides, I truly believe that when I sleep on my side it exasperates my symptoms. Ever since I was officially diagnosed I have never slept on my left side (the elongated side) again. I use to wake up feeling so disoriented & a couple of times like I had a stroke (confused & dizzy). It's truly one of the hardest thing for me to do, sleep flat on my back all night long, but to scared not to!

Yes, it makes mine worse... I have back issues and can't sleep on my back so I feel your pain!