Anybody have arm issues?

Been diagnosed with Eagles Syndrome, only symptoms I have had are ear pain like an ear infection and ear being super hot at times. Ice pac and Norco for pain have helped. About a year ago I started getting twitches in my hands, had good days and bad days. I saw a neurologist who I hated and never got the MRI because I did not like him and am freaked out to go in the tunnel all that time!

Since then the twitching has gotten worse and as of late I have aches and pains and sharp pains 24/7in arms and hands. I also have weakness in my hands and arms and am not able to hold/grip things at times and end up dropping things due to weakness or twitching. Just dawned on me that this might be related to my Eagles Syndrome, anybody have issues with arms like this?

I am getting an MRI on Saturday and am taking major meds so I can get it done and not freak out!!!

Yes! My arms and hands would get weak and I would hurt all time. I would have fatigued with upper extremity activity. I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome back in 2008 but I believe it was the styloids that was irritating the scalene muscles in neck. I have had styloid surgery on both sides and my upper body symptoms have slowly subsided.

Thanks Amy for the reply! Did you ever have twitching in hands and fingers? Or dropping stuff due to weakness or twitching? Thanks!