Anyone From Missouri know of an experienced Dr. that has had succesful surgery?

Hi all. I am newly diagnosed. I was wondering if anyone is from Missouri and had a successful surgery by an experienced Dr. ? looking for recommendations and possible reviews.

I have had many symptoms for many years such as hoarse, raspy voice, low voice tone, feeling of something stuck in my throat, problems swallowing, neck pan, throat pain, ear pain. foggy head, ringing and high pitch noise in my ears that goes mute after a few seconds but I can still feel it, fluttering in my ears, whooshing at times, and I have had heart issues, vtach, which I had to have emergency heart ablation, now I deal with tachycardia, but take atenolol to control it, but having bradiacardia on and off with episodes of tachycardia, also pvcs. they never could tell me why I had heart issues, but now since I found out about eagles syndrome and recently diagnosed by a new dentist, I am wondering if this has been the cause of all my heart issues also.

I have been going to ENT’s for years and years complaining of throat issues and swallowing issues, and like I feel a tightening constricting feeling in my throat at times even when I move my neck a certain way, and the raspy voice. I was always told it was GERD or acid reflux or laryngo reflux yet high doses of ranitidine for years did not improve my tone of voice or raspiness. I had been going to the same dentist for 5 years now and they got a new dentist. Ironically this new young dentist looked at my xray from last year done by another dentist in the office and she was standing behind me at the desk talking to the tech. she asked the tech if she seen that, and if she knew what it was. she googled it and briefly told the tech what it was telling her she asked because she wanted to test to see if she knew. curious, I turned around asking her what they seen, I seen the search on the computer that said eagles syndrome, but she told me styloid syndrome. she said nothing else to me about It, didn’t send a referral, didn’t ask any questions like if I had symptoms or nothing .

when I got home, curious I searched the internet and found my answer. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing because I had many of those symptoms for so many years trying to find answers and nothing until now. I am happy I found an answer but upset I have suffered so long with no answers

I made an appointment with my ENT and told her what the dentist said about my xray she told me it was very rare, and she never seen a case, but said she would send me for a catscan. I kind of refused the catscan because all the radiation, and we settled on an xray, and agreed if the xray proved to her it was eagles, that we would follow up on other medial imaging .

I had the xray done and the ENT doctor called me herself on her phone telling me that yes, indeed I have eagles syndrome. she stated the xray tech ran the xray to her saying it “looked weird”

anyhow my ENT doctor is excited and said she wanted to “follow me” since this is so rare and she never seen a case. she told me none of the other ENT doctors would do this type of surgery and is currently researching to find a specialist in Missouri.

I wanted to share my story and ask if anyone here has been to an experienced doctor in Missouri who had a successful surgery>

I would even consider going out of state if my insurance would pay for it .

thank for listening

Hi Nightsky78,

I am sorry for how long you’ve suffered with the symptoms you have & am appalled that the dentist who noted your elongated styloids didn’t say something to you. I’m glad the follow-up x-ray clearly confirmed Eagle Syndrome. Getting a CT scan is the next step because whoever does your surgery will want to see CT images to confirm the diagnosis & to measure the styloids for him/herself.

From the sound of your symptoms, you may have some vascular compression being caused by your styloids in addition to nerve irritation. The brain fog, whooshing in your ears & heart issues could be due to that. The heart problems & stomach issues could also be due to irritation of your vagus nerve. I had heart palpitations & blood pressure problems (it would drop instead of elevating when I exercised) as part of my ES symptoms. Those problems went away after my surgeries.

As far as doctors go, we have only one listed in your state. If you click on the gray magnifying glass icon in the upper right of this page and type Dr. Conoyer into the search box, posts about him will come up. He has some very good reviews. If you want to go out of state to a more experienced doctor, Dr. Nuss in Baton Rouge, LA, has good references, as does Dr. Andrew Coughlin in Omaha, NE. Dr. Samji in San Jose, CA, is the most experienced ES surgeon on our list, & there are several great doctors in the Philadelphia area.

I hope this info helps!