Anyone have the external surgery done on both sides at the same time?

I know it does one side at a time usually…

Some doctors will only do one side at a time because of the swelling, but check out THH’s discussion, as he’s just had both sides done:

Thanks… my dr said only one at a time. Surgery is scheduled for july 17. I may ask.

I’m having my left side done because it causes me pain (strong ache) almost all the time BUT the right side is longer and had a whole different set of problems…

My left styloid was longer than my right & caused me all kinds of pain but my surgeon opted to remove the right one first because he didn’t like the angle at which it was growing. I begged him to do both at once, but he flatly refused because he noted, as Jules said, the post op swelling in the throat can be a problem. As it turned out, I was having vascular symptoms from my right styloid, and my surgeon’s judgment in shortening my right styloid first was a good call.

At the time I had my first surgery, my surgeon required a six month healing period between surgeries. He’s revised that & is now willing to do the second surgery three months after the first one.

I chose Lft first too same reason. I had vascular on both sides but pain more on left.