Who’s only had one styloid removed?

One question or post I haven’t seen throughout my casual browsing here is any shared info from people who are bilateral but have only one symptomatic styloid that had been removed.

Im familiar with the fair warnings that often when one side is removed, the other can become more noticeably symptomatic, alongside the advice that if only one side is bothersome, only plan to do one side until something changes. But are there any folks who have had one side removed and are “so far, so good”?

I can think of one member who I believe only had one styloid removed but had bilateral ES - @redbird773. You can try sending her a PM if you don’t get other responses. :blush:

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I was referred for surgery of my left styloid because that is where most of my symptoms were coming from although the right styloid is actually a little longer. I didn’t even know I had the option to get them both removed at the same time until Dr Hackman suggested it. I decided to go ahead and schedule both and I’m really glad because now that I’m paying attention to it, I do have symptoms of pulsitile tinnitus, increased eye pressure and occasional jaw pain. The left side is where all the pain, dizziness and and spasms are coming from so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

Good job listening to your body! I’m so glad you’ll be able to get it all taken care of at once. Often w/ bilateral surgeries, Dr. Hackman will place a “neck bra” (compression wrap) around your neck post op to help keep swelling down. You should ask before surgery if he will do that for you. If he doesn’t plan to, ask him for an Rx for prednisone that you can pick up before surgery as that will help a lot with post op swelling (along w/ ice, elevation of your head, neck & shoulders whenever resting/sleeping & following your pain med schedule.

What is your surgery date? I hope it’s soon!

Happy New Year, Sula64! :hugs:

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It’s good you’re able to have both sides done by a supportive & reputable surgeon. At least it’s all behind you then!

Unfortunately, Dr Omlie will not do both for two reasons: 1. The swelling is a risk especially in the throat area. 2. At this point I do not feel symptoms on the other side (I’ve got classic ES) so he’d like to leave well enough alone unless it shows symptoms.

Thanks Isaiah_40_31. My surgery is scheduled for 1/14. I will definitely ask about the compression wrap. I am unable to take prednisone because of adverse side effects so the compression wrap sounds like a must. Hopefully there won’t be to much swelling because I have to fly home 2 days after the surgery.


I wouldn’t worry too much about flying. We have a number of members who’ve had to fly shortly after surgery. If you have the compression wrap on your neck, that will help a lot. For those who only had one side done & didn’t have a compression sleeve, flight attendants are very generous in supplying small bags of ice to use for icing your neck during the flight if you ask for them.

Another tip is, if you can afford it, fly home in business or first class so you have room to recline your seat & stretch out your legs more than in regular class. Some members have asked for a wheelchair at the airport & have been taken to their gates if far away so they weren’t so stressed/tired from a long walk w/ carry-ons. I think that’s a brilliant idea as you will definitely not be at your most energetic 2 days post op.

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I had my left styloid and ligaments removed 30 months ago and have not had my right done. For the most part I am great but do have occasional issues with the right if I am doing some physical activity, ie. lifting a lot that might aggravate it. My thought is that the hyoid shifts some and upsets the muscle balance from side to side. I say that because if I stretch my neck gently I can get things feeling better. Best wishes for your journey!


Kay, thank you so kindly for coming by to update and reply! Given I have “classic” ES and it’s heavily noticeable only in one side, I’m hopeful the other side will stay asymptomatic. This is exactly the encouraging story I wanted to read about. I’d love to get a couple yrs of a reprieve at the very least :heart: And if the other side does act up, at least I’ll know what it is and can rectify it right away instead of running in circles trying to figure it out.

Thank you again and I’m glad to read that you’re well!!


My daughter has pretty severe bilateral jugular impingements, however Dr. H. assured us that he could/would only do one side to start with and felt it would be successful. He said due to numbness and some possible difficulty swallowing post-op, he will only do one side. Understandable I suppose. However, if only one side does not give the necessary relief, he could consider doing the other side. We are anxiously awaiting her surgery date in April and hanging on everyone’s post-op postings for news.


Which Dr. H? I am seeing Dr. Hackman at UNC in Raleigh, NC.

Dr. Hepworth