Anyone heard from Lailei (aka Sheila)

She had her surgery with Dr Samji on Monday of this week (October 28th) and I have not heard a peep from her.

Anyone know any news regarding how surgery went?


I am here :slight_smile: Surgery went well! Dr. Samji and team were awesome! I am doing good…having some pain, numbness and swelling. Which I am sure is normal. Each day is getting better. :slight_smile:

OMG......So good to hear from you!!!

How is my "anatomical abnormal twin" doing?

Any changes in the neurological issues that both of you and I experience?

Any changes in the ear fullness issues?

You can PM me offline if you want.

Can not wait to hear!!!

Take care,


Awesome to hear from Lailei!!! Keep you in my prayers. It’s always nice to hear from another ES patient of Dr Samji. Please keep us posted.

I am glad every day is getting better for you! I am so curious to hear how it went, also.