Anyones symptoms get worse with colds / flu

My ears and jaws this past week are intense. I have alittle head cold so wondering if it’s just a flare up with the illness

I think so. For me it always has, and I still get eagle syndrome symptoms with colds even though I had successful surgery.

I have yet to be diagnosed, but if it is in fact ES, I will tell you that when I got sick the symptoms were at their absolute worst…pain all over my neck area, under my chin, facial pain right up to the eyeball.

When I got a cold, my ears would feel plugged and hurt. Sore throats were the worst as it would always leave the area where the bone was poking my down in my throat with a tickle which would make me cough uncontrollably. Now that the bone is out I no longer have the coughing jags.

As Georgians would say "All day long" polly lol. Always makes it worse if I have a head cold / flu.

Mine do, I just call them "flare-ups". I had surgery to help with the constant pain of ES back in November. I couldn't have the bone removed being due to close the artery but I had my tonsils removed, some of my throat and behind my nasal cavity lasered out to make room for it. No pain since surgery unless, I get sick and/or allergies. But the pain is not bad as it was prior surgery. When I have flare ups, the doctor recommended a nasal spray, Fluticasone Propionate (w/ steroids) to help with swelling of membranes around bone tip. It works great! I can't take any ibuprofen for swelling because I'm allergic. So far, so good. :)

Fluticasone helped me a lot when I had colds, too.