I have been recently diagnosed with eagles syndrome. I will be contacting an ENT but my biggest question is what to expect at my first visit. My other question is other than the pain meds any other ways of controlling the pain. Now that’s its winter the cold wind makes my jaw and ear very tender. Any advised will be greatly appreciated thank you all in advance.

I'm impressed that someone other than an ENT diagnosed you with eagle syndrome. Was it a dentist who caught it? Glad you've received the diagnosis and can now get to recovery. My advice is not to expect too much from your first appointment unless you're really lucky and/or you're going to one of the ENTs listed in Emma's list on this site. Most ENTs don't have much, if any, experience with eagle syndrome. And even the "experienced" doctors can get it wrong. I had a surgeon with 10 surgeries experience, according to him, assure me that I didn't have eagle syndrome. Of course, I did, and I got help from one of the surgeons on this site.

I write all of this not to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to direct your own healthcare and go with your gut. I hope you'll find relief very soon. :)

My best pain relief method was eating popsicles in front of my space heater. I can imagine that doesn't likely appeal to you right now, though. Other members have found relief from a heating pad. Best wishes!

I thought I was getting my wisdom teeth and bc of this was taking tynoel like crazy and need up being so sick from the tynoel that I ended up in the ER while there they did a cat scan thinking maybe I had an abscess and that is how it was found. I have tried a heating pack but that doesn’t seem to help the shooting pains r very intense with beat or cold. Just want a night to sleep without waking up in tears from the pain

My symptoms ramp up in cold weather as well. I bundle up every time i leave the house and i know i look rediculous with coat, hat, scarf, earmuffs, etc but it is very necessary!! One of the biggest lifesavers for me has been earplugs!! Just the soft squishy kind from walgreens will work. With earmuffs on top and scarf around neck. It took a while to find the right kind of earmuffs. Cant be to big and heavy and has to fit just right so doesnt rub under ear. Good luck and STAY WARM!!