Increased pain with a cold?

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has increased pain if you have a cold? I definitely have more ear pain. If so do you think this is related to es or completely seperate?

Yes I definitely noticed it before surgery! I find if I have a ‘weakness’ anywhere it seems worse with a cold or bug, don’t know why… I think too with a cold all your tubes get bunged up, which is extra pressure in the head, ears etc., & with the & the inflammation ES causes it’s not really surprising! Plus some people get sore throats with ES, so a cold on top will make all that worse.
Hope you get better soon, it you’ve got one at the moment!

That’s how I my Eagle Syndrome was diagnosed. I had a sore throat and itchy ears, everything got all backed and full. Nothing was able to drain, took a CT then the diagnosis EAGLE SYNDROME…complicated everything.

Absolutely any viral infection make the ES worse for me! I have had 4 bouts of active Epstein Barr infection in the last 17 months & the Eagles pain really intensifies during a flare. My doc said that the virus loves to hang out in the nerves of the face/neck.