Aspiration pneumonia

Hi everyone,

I am currently on O2 at home after a hospitalization with aspiration pneumonia. It’s my second episode of this, where my O2 sats fall dangerously low. The last time I required oxygen for a few months.

My doctor is wondering if this has anything to do with the choking episodes and is going to do a barium swallow study. Does anyone have any experience with this test or the aspiration pneumonia?

Have a good weekend!

Really sorry that you have more to go through…I hope that you soon get better from this.
Lots of members have had the swallow tests done, but it doesn’t often seem to show anything, I think from what I’ve read on here…I don’t know why. And I can’t recall that anyone’s had pneumonia or at least it’s not been mentioned by anyone that I can think of, but it sounds a pretty possible theory.
Get well soon, I’ll keep praying for you…

Hi MountainDweller -

I totally agree w/ Jules. Choking comes from swallowing things “down the wrong way” & saliva, little bits of food, or vomit can sneak into lung areas where they don’t belong. When that happens, & when the immune system is already compromised, aspiration pneumonia can result. ES absolutely can cause swallowing issues, but as Jules noted, we aren’t aware of anyone having an abnormal swallow test result even when the symptoms of swallowing issues are present.

I’ll also be praying for your rapid recovery. I’m sorry this has been added to your recovery list.


Hi Jules,

Thanks for the info. They’re going to do the swallow test when my lungs are in better shape. It’s interesting that it’s not shown anything…things are never cut and dry with this. Thanks for the prayers, they are appreciated!

Have a good rest of your weekend,

Hi Isaiah,

Thanks for your prayers! This must be why my doctor mentioned testing autoimmune diseases with me. It’s the second time in a year that I’ve required oxygen. The first time I was on it at home for 2-3 months. Gosh, I hope that’s not the case this time.

It makes sense that the ES would cause aspiration problems because of the choking. Strange that the swallow study doesn’t show anything. Nothing will be done until my lungs are clear.

Thanks for the info. You and Jules really know your stuff.

Have a wonderful Sunday,

I put my bet on the choking problem being caused by ES but best to leave no stone unturned especially w/ your health history!


I whole heartedly agree with this Isaiah. I went through some autoimmune testing last year, which was negative. I think it’s the ES as well. I’ll undergo the testing just to be safe though.

Happy Monday ~ is there such a thing?!

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I love Monday - for me it’s a fresh start to a new week (even though Sunday is technically the first day of the week, Monday has always felt like the first day to me).

So far, this has been a happy Monday for me. I hope it is for you, too, MountainDweller, and for anyone else who reads this post!


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Thanks Isaiah,

My Monday was nice as well.

I love that viewpoint. I will be applying that to every day, a new start with new opportunities. :blush:

Have a great day,


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