Swallow study question

Hiya folks,

Had video swallow study yesterday. Am shocked that it showed my velum is working completely fine. Though it is not as bad as it was a few weeks ago, I still have the feeling of things going up into the nasal cavity at times, especially with thick smoothies which I stopped drinking.

SO has anyone ever had a swallow study where they could see anything abnormal in the stylohyoid chain? I didn’t really study it up close but I just wanted to get it done and get out of there so when she commented that she didn’t see anything I didn’t continue the discussion. I had educated her a lot already as it was about Eagle related stuff. I did earlier tell her that what I really needed was a 3DCT scan and I was in process of through the hoops.

SO…isn’t this a thing to keep in mind…this journey is about becoming clear and grounded in your self, your intuition, your spirit. Because when we are continually asking for help from medical professionals who mostly are endowed with huge egos, we have to weigh what they say with equal input from ourselves. Hard to remember that when we are in a vulnerable place, in pain, and end up feeling like we are crazy!

Forward march fellow travelers!


I did a search for “swallow study” and found a couple people who reported that they had normal swallow studies. If you can’t find them, let me know and I’ll post the links.

That’s so true about dealing with doctors. With the doctors who don’t know about Eagles and who want to blame the patient, I think you have to be calmly assertive (not aggressive) and know clearly in your mind that this is real, they can’t talk you out of it, and if they don’t help you, you will find someone who can. Most of the doctors I’ve dealt with for Eagles have been very nice and understanding and really tried to help me. It helped with some doctors when I brought articles about Eagles and not so much with other doctors. It definitely seemed to help when I cited what other Eagles patients on the forum have gone through and how their experiences were similar to mine.

I went through a period where I was choking on everything - my food, my drinks, my saliva…I ended up having an upper endoscopy to see if there was something going on w/ my esophagus. Guess what! It was perfect. It was a couple years later that my neck started hurting, & I finally received my ES diagnosis. The gastroenterologist who did the endoscopy didn’t even suggest a swallow study (not that it would have shown anything either).

Yes, I had a swallow study long before I was diagnosed with Eagles, probably 2007 or 2008 maybe earlier, it did came out normal. I think things calmed down for awhile and the ear pain started in 2010. I had no information about Eagles until 2010.