Ben's Friends All-Time Traffic High, in the Summer No Less

Ben's Friends Patient Support Communities hitting all-time traffic highs in the middle of August! This is crazy as Summer usually coincides with a huge traffic dip. Big things are happening!

That is awesome!!!!

you are so kind big bugs! there is a big team that makes this happen, including the volunteer moderators

Hey Scott, I can't say welcome aboard that would be the curse wish. I have had 2 surgeries due to Eagles and have been on pain meds for years now, and wish that i could stop taking them. My case has reviewed that I have alot of scare tissue and some classification as well. Never any problems on the right side. All my problems are on the left side. I have a cousin who just completed her third surgery, all on the left side as well. Her first 2 were done by going on the inside of her mouth, this last one was done from the exterior of her neck. Still in recovery mode and I will update as we go. Great doctor, experienced and well season. I'm in louisiana if i can help in any way