Best Imaging for ES

What is the best imaging for ES? Also, where exactly is the styloid in relationship to the tonsil? Is there a picture of a elongated styloid close the tonsil? Can ES cause earaches that are constant and severe?

CT Scan with Contrast looking specifically at styloids and asking for measurements, or 3D Ct scan of same

styloid (temporal styloid) is located just below the ear in intracranial carotid sheath along with carotid and several main nerves. It is normally no longer than 2cm. Several pictures, on this site. A good simple drawing and explanation is on Wikipdedia under "Temporal styloid process" has explanation and pictures.

Elongated styloid looks like a tusk and can be curved, straight, twisted. We have many articles and pictures posted by members. You can get as technical as you want. I like the simple picture.

YES, ES can definitely cause painful constant ear aches. Sometimes the pain is constant sometimes intermittent, but even when intermittent, it will be constant for days or weeks. It all depends on the nerves and any inflammation present in the area. The most common sign is ear pain, sometimes just constant itching inside the ear. However, the pain can be present in many forms. You will find out more from our members' discussions.

Welcome, read all the discussions and learn as much as you can.

Wellington, I don't know where in Al. you live, but we do not have very many ES specialists in the Southeast. Most only hear about this in med school and I suspect they see it but think it is tooth problems or TMJ and pass you on.

I have a spreadsheet posted in the Doctors tab discussions "Newest version of spreadsheet" It is an excel spreadsheet. Most of the successful surgeries done on members were done by one of these surgeons. I will be updating it again in September, but I think that I have most of them already listed.

Dr. Alemar in Weston, Fl is an ES expert and there is one in OH, I think Arick Forrest is his name. I could not find one in Louisiana and neither could Viperbone. I have not seen any listed in MS or Al. You need to look near the university med schools. So if you are near U of Al or one of the others in your state, you might check on ENT's that do skull base surgery. However, I warn you that even the top jaw cancer doctors do not do these surgeries and my experience with the one I saw was that he was way too sure of himself and arrogant and had never done one. I worried about his approach to aftercare if I were not to heal well. Most doctors will try to pass you off onto a neurologist. Also, please try oral surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons because you might find someone that way. Keep us posted.