Best of luck to all the members having surgery soon!

I know there are quite a few people with surgeries coming up soon. I just want to send everyone good wishes. When you're able, please keep us posted.

Thanks for your well wishes! My right styloid will be removed one week from today. Thank God! This time next week, I should be getting prepped for my surgery.

Thanks, and adding my best wishes to everyone else too! May God bless you all with successful surgeries and a speedy recovery!

June 3 for me and I just bought my plane ticket to Chicago yesterday. I will be sure to give a day by day account and pass along any advice. I’m having both sides done at once so this will be an adventure. We all need to meet back here a year from our surgery date to post how we feel too. We can call the discussion “anniversary update”

I too wish everyone well on their surgery. May you have successful resolution of your symptoms, and a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted on your progress and suggestions to those of us still on our journey towards surgery.

Thank you so much! Mine in next Friday the 15th.