Bilateral external surgery (both sides at one time)

I am interested to know why Dr. Hackman told me that he would be happy to do both sides either externally or internally with the robot. It seems unusual as other doctors do not do this due to swelling right? I have not been able to ask Dr. Hackman this question yet. Has anyone on this forum had bilateral external surgery? What what the outcome?

Dr hackman did my hyoid end revision in august. I had calcified ligaments left attached to My hyoid. He did both sides externally at once. I think he did an awesome job so far. I had no nerve damage. But i was not able to swallow when i woke up from surgery. Not even water. I went back to the ER the next day bc i couldnt get anything down. They gave me steroids n i started getting stuff down.


There have been a couple of members as well as Cupcake who’ve had bilateral surgery with different doctors, so it can be done! But generally most doctors prefer to do them separately because of the swelling. I’d want to discuss this in more depth if it was me…

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He cut the rigtt he side and then the front. He said after he had difficulty going in from right for thr left side he went in through the front. Keep in mind he was doing hyoid revision only. He didnt go back to styloids. So going all the way back to stuloids im sure would be more intese. Im waiting on styloid revision now.

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Wow, Thanks for sharing. You are brave. I feel so nervous about all this.

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Good luck. This is the most difficult thing ive ever been thro. I wish i went to hackman from the start maybe i wouldnt need these revisions. The symptoms r worse than the surgeries. But surgery is still very scary. :disappointed::pray:t2::two_hearts:

Thank you! I am so glad you have found him now at least.

Also, I was wondering what happened that your first surgery was not done correctly. What did Dr. Hackman say he would have done differently in the first place?

Also Cupcake5, did you get first bite syndrome?


Cupcake had her first surgery done by Dr. Cognetti, & he didn’t remove enough of her right styloid so her vascular symptoms have returned on that side. Dr. C refused to do a revision surgery but Dr. Hackman is willing to help her.

Hi, I have decided to to a bilateral surgery with Dr. Hackman on Nov.23rd. He says that there should be no problems with doing both side externally at the same time. I decided that going to California is just too far for me and I really felt god about Dr. Hackman when I talked with him again.


It will be a rough recovery, getting both done at once, but hopefully all over & done with! Not too long to wait! Will be praying for you!

Glad you made your decision and on track for surgery. You are brave to do both sides at once and I can understand wanting to put this all behind you all in one fell swoop. My only suggestion is to request oral steroids for after surgery (for swelling) especially because you are having both sides at once. Dr. Samji gives it when doing one side at a time. Different docs have different opinions about this. I personally think its what made my recover so easy after surgery. After a couple days, I had very little pain and swelling managable. I did all the usual, soft foods, wedge pillow and ice all the time for at least a week. Good luck on your surgery!!! It will all go well. You have us all to walk you thru recovery.


No i never got first bite syndrome.

Hello Priscilla. I have bilateral jugular compression. Hoping to get a consult with Hackman. Would like to connect with you about him, your timing and generally how you decided to go in that direction. Thank you. Henry.

Henry, you can private message Priscilla if you want to about Dr Hackman, just click on her avatar, & it’ll come up with the option to send a message.

Thank you Jules !


Snapple2020 made a good suggestion - ask for oral prednisone for post op care. Dr. Hackman doesn’t routinely Rx it, but I believe he will if you ask him for it.