Is having both sides done in one surgery more or less risky/problematic than one at a time?

Hi, I just got diagnosed yesterday and I am pondering what to do. Symptoms are stronger on the left side, but the other side is elongated as well. I just don't want to find myself going through all of this again, I'd rather have it done in one procedure. So should I push for it? Or is it too risky? Thanks in advance and all the best!

Not a good idea to do both and I doubt your surgeon would…there will be swelling afterward. Also, sometimes having one side done alleviates a lot of the symptoms and the second side doesn’t need to be done for awhile if at all.

ok, thank you for the answer. It's just that on some days I can't really tell which side is actually worse. The doctors said that this would be a very minor procedure and I could leave the Hospital after 3 days. So I figured, I could do both. My procedure will be intraoral, if that makes any difference.

I’m not familiar with that type of surgery and the recovery time… mine was done externally. It was an out patient procedure that took only a few hours, no hospital stay.

I read that there are two kinds of surgery, but my surgeon only mentioned the internal one. I guess I'll have to talk to him.

It seems people on this forum have had success with both. It’s important to find out how many surgeries he has done. Follow discussions by Emma and you will find a list of doctors used by those of us on this site.
I wish you the best, I know this can be a frustrating journey!

Thank you very much :) I am from Germany so the suggestions on the list are a little out of reach, but my doctors seemed to be very familiar with the condition. I think I'll trust them.

Good luck on your surgery or surgeries. Intraoral causes difficulty swallowing, and chewing for several weeks. I would do one at a time even if the doctor would do both. Yes, it is painful. Recovery takes at least 6 weeks to start feeling better. I didn't get better until week 11 and it really took about 6-9 months for me to feel normal. I would definitely only do one side at a time. Not sure I could swallow water with both sides at one time. Cold liquids at first, then cold soft stuff. Warm foods did not appeal to me even if soft. Chewing was uncomfortable for some time, at least a month or more.

After your surgery, if you feel like your doctor could help others, please post his name for us. You are right, we have no doctors listed from Germany.

Thank you emma, my surgery will be on friday, now I'm a little worried, because everything goes so quickly.. My doctor even told me I could probably even work on monday, because the procedure is so minor. I'll have to talk to him tomorrow. It's a shot in the dark as well, I'm not 100% sure ES explains all my symptoms, but it's the only diagnosis I got... :/