Double sided surgery

Hi, Have any of you had both sides operated at the same time intra oral?

My doctor who have preformed two ES surgeries before suggested this and it kind of freaks me out because it doesn’t seem common practice?! Hes last patient became temporarily paralyzed in half of his face…should I freak out? All other “elite” swedish surgeons have vouched for his competence as a neck surgeon.

My bones are 10cm long on the right side and around 5 cm on the left side. I have vascular ES.

Thank you for any answers about double sided surgery!

I think there have been quite a few members who've had both sides done at the same time- I think Ivy did, can't think of anyone else's names off-hand! But my doctor told me that it would be too much to do them both together, and wanted me to wait, and I know Dr Samji told Isaiah 40:31 that the swelling could be dangerous to do both sides. So it's up to you to decide- I guess you get it over and done with in one go, but could be pretty uncomfortable for a bit!

Temporary nerve problems can be caused by the nerves being irritated or swollen- it's a risk with the surgery, but not that common. I had the side of my head really numb and all round my ear- it was a bit scary, but I thought it was worth it for the improvement in vascular symptoms, even if it didn't go. But it's gradually eased and although not quite back to normal, is fine. A small price to pay!

Have you got a date yet?

Yes my op will be on the 19th of november so it’s quite soon. I think I will try phone my doctor and ask if he really think both sides at the same time is a good idea. It’s hard to trust a doctor with litre experience in ES surgery. If he persists in doing both sides I will tell you all about it afterwards and if it was successful.

Regards, SaaMee

Leigh who used to be on here had both sides done intorl at same time and was cured no problems. There was another too same thing she was eatting beef stew two days later witch is rare usally two week befor eatting normal.

Thank you “Gods Blessing” for reassuring comment, makes me feel hopeful! God bless you!

Had both mine done at once intraoral, but I have classic ES with no vein or artery involvement. I only needed 1cm trimmed back on both sides .
Vascular ES is usually done externally.
I had 4 to 5 rough days and just kept taking the pain meds.
Another thing that makes a HUGE difference is whether they will remove your tonsils at the same time. If they are, you will need 3 weeks or better to recuperate.

Jo Och,
Thank you for your answer. I’ve done my toncills last year so I don’t have to worrie about that at least:) Good to hear you had a short recovery time, I hope you’re doing well nowadays! Best regards, SaaMee

Vad heter kirurgen som skall operera dig? Jag ska också operera på karolinska i november.

Hej Max, Jag opereras den 19:e nov på Huddinge och kirurgen heter Jakob Enedahl…är osäker på stavningen på efternamnet. Vad heter din? Vilket datum och på vilket sjukhus opereras du? Mvh, Sanna

Jag skall opereras på karolinska i solna. Av två kirurger. Mats lidegran, och någon till. Vet inte riktigt när, då jag har fått en inflammation vid ena visdomstanden. Men jag ska ta min vänstra processus styliodeus först.

hur har det gått ? Mvh Max

Hej…den blev uppskuten tills på tisdag /my surgery got delayed until tuesday this week… I’ll get back to you all afterwards with and update!

Wishing you a good luck hugs xxx

SaaMee said:

Hej..den blev uppskuten tills på tisdag /my surgery got delayed until tuesday this week.. I'll get back to you all afterwards with and update!

Lycka till! det kommer gå jättebra! :) vi hörs sen. min operation verkar bli av som planerat.

/ Good luck, life is gonna be so much more fun without all the pain! :)

Tack så mycket! /Thank you so much, I’ll make an update tomorrow after surgery. It’s planned to be before lunch time. /Sanna

Hi everyone, surgery is done and I feel well! They took away both sides as planned, pain is intense but I can manage, already eating ice cream=) I'll get back to you all further on and post a longer message. Thanks for all the prayers and good luck wishes, It really helped me keep calm before surgery! /SaaMee

That's good news! Keep up with the painkillers, hope that you soon heal!

Been awake for 5 houres now, post my surgery! Feels good :slight_smile:

Not in much pain at all… I have declined morfine, so i dont have more painkilling substitute then a regular painkiller pill.

Happy it went good for you too sanna!

Hi glad to hear your surgery went well Max! Brave of you to decline morphine, I didn’t but the doctor said that pain could be different for everyone. I’m experience the worst pain ever. Hope you’ll carry on getting better and continue to feel good! :slight_smile:

Best wishes to both of you! Sorry to hear you're in a lot of pain, Sanna- although you did have both sides done, at least you'll get it over and done with once! Max, did you have just one side done? Intra-oral or external?