Bleeding as a symptom

I have an appt with Dr Delacure in 2 weeks! When the severe symptoms started about a year ago the pains above my eyebrow in my head (quick come and go pains) were the worst but now they seem a bit better as do the dizziness and passing out feelings but the pain in my jaw and neck seem worse in the last few weeks. I still get head pains and other symptoms every day. Everything is on my right side. The styloid is longer on that side also. A while ago I started getting blood coming out of the right side of my nose but it was mild so I didn’t give much thought to it but it seems to be getting worse. Last night the pain was bad and I woke up around 3am with a bloody nose and I felt it in my throat. This morning it was bleeding again and now hours later if I blow my nose there still blood coming out of the right side. Has anybody had this? Or weird pains in their head, cheek, top teeth area and ear that feels like your skull is moving? And I also get sweaty feelings everyday several times :roll_eyes:

So glad for your appt in 2 weeks! That’s fantastic! Your symptoms except for the bloody nose do sound like those we see as part of ES. Everyone seems to have some symptoms that are unique to themselves though. I hope you get a diagnosis ASAP!

Good that you don’t have to wait too long!
I can’t say that I’ve heard of nosebleeds either. The dizziness & passing out feelings could be vascular ES; it could affect blood pressure which could possibly cause a nose bleed, although from what I’ve read that’s rare unless BP is very raised, in which case people would be very ill. But definitely worth mentioning / getting checked.
The weird head pains/ teeth/ jaw/ ear/ eyebrow etc are common areas to have pain, or numbness/tingling/ crawling sensations; often the Trigeminal nerve or facial nerve are affected, which have branches in all these areas.
I hope your appt with Dr DeLacure goes well, let us know how you get on.

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Thanks so much Jules!