Ive been dealing with headaches and pain since 08...and I meet a surgeon on March 6th. DXd with ES via MRI in Nov. Lately Ive had bad headaches...sometimes they throb..sometimes out of the blue I get sharp jabs of pain in my head. Do you guys get these kind of headaches/pains? Just random sharp pains here and there on your head? Top, sides, back...all over. :( Im so scared its a vessel gonna burst. Do you think its nerves?

The sharp pains in your head could be neuralgia if nerves are being rubbed or pinched? Have you tried any medications- there are some anti-depressants like amitriptyline which in low doses can help with nerve pain, and it's helped with that for me.

I'm getting throbbing headaches now too- the consultant I saw thought I might have raised intra-cranial pressure, as I get feelings of pressure in my ears and temples, and pulsatile tinnitus, so ordered a CT with contrast- but I have to wait until end of March for the results. I'm consoling myself with the thought that it can't be that urgent or worrying or he'd have wanted to see me back quicker!

Have you had a CT? I know you're concerned that the styloids might be causing vascular ES with the other symptoms you get. I think the only long-term solution is to make that decision for surgery. It's a scary thought, but when your symptoms get bad, and your quality of life is affected that much, then I think it's the right time for surgery. Although it's daunting, if you're like me you're spending time worrying about your symptoms anyway.... certainly for me, and many others on here, the symptoms don't get better, they carry on gradually getting worse!

If my CT shows pressure on a blood vessel, then if I can have surgery, I would go for it,

God Bless.