Botox for Pain Control for ES

Dear ES Folks out there, well, had my first Botox injections last Friday, tomorrow will be a week. I’m not getting any relief yet. I can only keep wishing one morning I might wake up feel no pain. Dr.Forrest did the injections so I’m confident if it’s going to work, he will be the one to make it work for me. This waiting for it to work is for the birds!! He didn’t want to talk about surgery? I know surgery is always risky! To continue to try and mask the pain and not fix the problem? Every 4 months a Botox injection Appointment? I really want to be fixed! My styloids reach all around and almost meet at my Hyoid Bone. So I think he doesn’t want to operate unless he said " absolutely necessary "! What does that mean? Necessary for him or me? Sorry guys just letting off a bit of steam! Acute pain 24/7 does that to you!

I’m sorry the Botox isn’t working yet, but hang in there! Dr. Forrest is a wonderful surgeon; he did my ES surgery last fall. If he doesn’t want to do surgery yet it’s because he feels he can control the pain. If he finds he can’t, he will probably discuss surgery with you. I hope you get relief soon, hang in there!

JKL, thanks so much for your kind & encouraging words! My husband didn’t want me to write my 20+ years of history on his intake sheet on the back. So, he didn’t know that I had tried Botox many years ago around my face. No relief then. I had sent a long message to his RN. I just can’t see going back every 4 months or so for more Botox! I’ve tried just about everything for pain control! I just want to be fixed! Is that wrong after all these years?

From what i hear surgery is the only proper cure to E.S. If your doctor isn't willing to do surgery, there is a big list of doctors here on the site that hopefully can help you.

I have had several Botox treatments at least three times. Did you have the Styloid bone removed and are still having pain? Botox will make your feel really bad for 1-10 days. The way the meds work is to break down the nerves and de-sensitivities them. However, You may get relief from some pain for up to three months. In my unprofessional opinion it helpful with pain but not a cure. It will come back without removal of the bone/calcification.

From my new diagnosis. Which they did do Botox for TMJ and Maxofaical pain prior they really hit the whole TMJ area well and all on my face and ear and jaw and neck. Relief will be okay soon. two weeks after I felt much better. But, this is not going to permanently heal. You need to get to someone that has done surgery on ES. That is my 2 cents.