Bruxism and pressure…almost “hot” feeling in the throat?

Hey folks. So it’s been a few years since I’ve had any big symptoms but clearly I’m having a flare up. I definitely get a fatigued feeling in my jaw and tongue. My jaw is tight and gets tired after chewing. Anxiety is amped up so the clenching and night time bruxism are definitely active. But this odd feeling of warmth/heat in the back for my throat is very strange. I also have Rheumatoid or Psoriatic arthritis (they aren’t totally sure which). So I’m probably in a flare up. But the back of the throat is driving me crazy.

Hi @MplsFulton -

Welcome back! I’m sorry you’re having a flare up. I had some symptoms very similar to yours before my styloids were removed. The fact that the jaw, tongue & throat symptoms (probably trigeminal & glossopharyngeal nerve irritation) amp up anxiety indicates that your vagus nerve is probably also “excited” when you’re symptomatic. The vagus, trigeminal & glossopharyngeal nerves are commonly irritated by ES, & the vagus can affect both throat & anxiety issues among the many other bodily functions it controls.

I’m sorry you’re also suffering from either RA or PsA. Very challenging to be dealing w/ more than one major health issue. I hope you get diagnosed so you can start proper treatment.

Ben’s Friends has a support community for Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) which you might find helpful until you’re more officially diagnosed.

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Thanks. Yeah I’ve got the full eagles diagnosis. I have bilateral that are both over 4cm. No pressure on arteries or veins. But TMJ is real. The first bite Syndrome real. Cluster headaches, etc. appreciate the depth of your response. Anxiety and eagles a bad combo.


Do you have plans to have your styloids removed @MplsFulton? I think the symptoms you’ve mentioned would resolve or at least diminish if the styloids weren’t in there rubbing on those nerves. Surgical recovery is no fun but it’s really great once the symptoms start gradually going away over the months after surgery. I also had bilateral ES (non-vascular) so went through 2 surgeries & recoveries. Those gave my life back to me.

Not sure if it’s the same as you’re experiencing, but some members have had ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome’ which appeared to be caused by ES- some nerve pain medications can help with that, & diluted bicarbonate of soda sometimes settles it a bit when used as a mouth wash, but if yours is at the back of your throat that might not help…Have you tried any nerve pain meds before when your ES symptoms were bad?

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