Can we talk about some symptoms!

I would like to ask if anyone get pains below the jaw line in the submandibular salivary gland area and weird pains around the sternocleidomastoid muscle which feels like nerve pain or pains in the veins that can spread to the cartilage in front of the neck ! it's the best I can describe it !! anyone please reply

I definitely get pain in that gland- that's how I was diagnosed with ES, as I had swelling too, and they thought it was a stone in the gland, but the scans showed it was clear. I was still in pain though, so finally the Dr. did a panoramic x-ray, and saw the elongated styloid processes. I don't get the pain quite so much at the moment, but going down further in my neck. I also get the feeling of a lump or something sticking in my throat more now which others have described. But any touch or pressure, even very light, in that whole area including cartilage at the front can set it off throbbing for ages. It's so helpful to share symptoms, so at least you know you're not going mad!

Yes, Most of the pain I experience is in the salivary gland area along with in front of ( TMJ like symptoms ) and below the ear on the skull continuing down the neck along the muscle. I also experience episodes where half of my tongue, half the roof of my mouth, or half my lower jaw hurt along with days when I keep biting my tongue, lips or cheek. I used to hear my heart beating in my left ear during exertion but after 2 courses of steroids ( Prednisolone I believe ), I don't have that issue as of today. I have an extension of the Styloid Process along with calcification of the Stylohyoid Ligament. This is putting pressure on the nerves and Carotid Artery which is why I have the symptoms I do.

Hang in there.

I'm so glad I found this site now I know I'm not crazy' still doesn't take the pain away anyone any suggestions for pain relief??