Wondering if anyone else who has been diagnosed with Eagles also has calcifications in any of the saliva glands. My doctor is running extensive blood tests because of the multiple calcifications. Anyone else seem to have calcifications elsewhere as well?

Yes, I do, but I am not sure if a blood test was run. So many things..... will check. I think your systems are prone to this, just as others have sickle cell, etc.

Hello Shanna,

I also have calcification buildup in both soft tissues as well as on vertebrae. My research suggests that even if the blood calcium levels are normal, the results have to be compared the the magnesium levels. Apparently magnesium helps control the absorption of calcium into the bones and if you have low magnesium levels, the calcium can build up ectopically ( in arteries, soft tissues, ligaments (the stylohyoid especially, but also the atlanto-occipital and atlanto axial membranes) and on the skeletal bone.

I have been using liquid Magnesium Chloride (rubbed into the skin) for a couple of weeks now and it has really helped reduce the muscle cramps associated with the ectopic (or extra skeletal) calcification, plus I seem to have more energy.

Obviously, as has been mentioned many times by this group, the parathyroid gland also regulates calcium in our bodies.

I have just started sessions with a Naturopath who is examining all possibilities and will try to dissolve the calcium (for either re-absorption or elimination) by a combination of oral, intravenous or topical natural based remedies. My nutrition and diet will have to be addressed as well.

While I realize that it may take months and years to return to normal using this method, I'll be happy if I can get to a point where simple physical exertion (basically trying to work out and stay fit) isn't causing me major problems. Just having less muscle cramps (in weird locations and the Hiatal hernias were very painful) has made a big difference. I am also giving this a shot because having the surgery is no guarantee that it won't grow back if the underlying cause is not addressed.

Good luck with with your test results and with your treatment.

Red Pill

Whatever you do, DO NOT let them talk you into removing your salivary gland. Many years ago, turned idiot by the pain I was in, I allowed who I thought was a credible doctor convince me that the pain in my neck was due to a diseased salivary gland. I cannot stress enough, HE WAS WRONG. The pathology on my gland was normal despite small calcifications. I now suffer from fairly severe dry mouth, and the pain is unchanged to worse. I will always regret my lapse of judgment. I honestly don't even remember making the decision.

That said, I do have a significantly large area of calcification on my thyroid cartilage, which is precisely the level of my larynx that holds my voice box. The significance of this is unclear. I believe that it may lead to pain due to reduced resilience of that cartilage, but I am not sure of its cause. One leading theory is trauma from the person who biopsied my thyroid nodule- who admitted that he slipped on the first attempt. Some calcification of these structures is normal as we age.

Best wishes...

Very good info from all. Thank you.

Thank you all very much for all the information. My ent has me worried about under lying diseases that could be causing all of the calcifications. I appreciate all of the responses.