Calcified Stylohyoid ligament on CT scan

Hi Guys,

I just learned about Eagles Syndrome today. I was wondering, if it could have the following presenting symptoms.

I have been having a weird sensation of shortness of breath for about 6 years with almost every test coming back negative. MY CT sinus read among other things, ossification of stylohyoid ligament bilaterally. This was last october, and I googled it and it basically said that this is not uncommon in teeth grinders. Which I am.

Right now on the table I am being evaluated for VCD, but was wondering Can the ossified ligament cause any "problems with inspiration. I do have some problems with ear ache, and some trouble swalloing ocassionally but that is so minimal that it doesnt affect my life.

I have had shortness of breath with my ES, particularly when my head is in a certain position. (looking down or to the left) I get dizzy when it happens- but I have learned to keep my head in a neutral position, even when sleeping, and this helps. I don't know if its compression on arteries or nerves, or something else altogether. I'm awaiting surgery now, so hopefully this will get resolved. Good luck to you!