Calcified styloid but no elogantion?

Hi all, just a quick question before my dr’s appt on Monday.
My ct scan- not 3d (and MRI, although I hear that’s not good for this) didn’t show elongation. I am convinced that I have ES though because of where the pain is and the hard, bone like area I feel (where I get stabbing pain- please see my post on “is this where the bone is?”)
Anyway, wondering if anybody knows if you can have calcification and not elongation- because I’m in a heck of a lot of pain and my symptoms seem to be right on with ES sufferers.
Thanks guys. I’m looking for an answer to this so I have a wealth of things to print out for the dr, if needed.
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Hi Julie9536,

The short answer to your question is YES.
Here are some links to read:;year=2012;volu...

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