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Hi- I contacted Samji office and they said they need the report with measurements. My CT report doesn’t have measurements as all it mentioned was styloid ligament calcification. Did anyone else consult with him just having calcification? I don’t want to waste my or his time if he won’t see me. I have all the symptoms and my neurologist wants me to get checked out. Thank you.

You can request that the radiologist who wrote your report review your scan again & include measurements & indicate if your calcification includes styloid elongation.

Dr. Samji won’t help you if all you have is ligament calcification without styloid elongation. If you don’t have any 3D images of your CT, fit would be good for you to use a CT slicer program to make a 3D image of your CT scan so you can see what’s really going on. If you use the magnifying glass icon above, type in 3D slicer, a link will come up for one we have on our forum.

Some ENTs refer to styloid elongation as “calcification of the stylohyoid ligament”. That was my diagnosis but upon looking at my CT 3D images, what I saw was actually styloid elongation. There is a debate whether the styloids themselves elongate or the stylohyoid ligaments attached to the tips of the styloids calcify giving the styloids the appearance of elongating. I believe both ideas are correct.

You can also see Dr. Milligan as he’s closer to you & has done nearly as many ES surgeries as Dr. Samji. He has a good reputation among those on our forum who’ve seen him for ES surgery.

I’m hoping one day to change Dr. Samji’s mind toward ligament only calcification since we have lots of evidence on our forum to the fact that calcified ligaments alone also cause ES symptoms. (Plus it’s in the online definition of ES.)


Thank you. So if I only have calcification he won’t even talk to me? Would it still cost $500 for him to say no? This is all so tricky. I called Milligan too. I heard he is strict with his acceptances to help and only considers elongated. Waiting to hear back.


It’s worth it to send your scan info to Dr. Samji. He will not charge you just to decide if he’s willing to take your case. If he declines, you’ll get an email from his medical assistant saying so. If he accepts your case, you’ll get an email to set up a video call. You will be charged for the video call.

Dr. Osborne in Los Angeles did remove a calcified ligament for one of our members. I believe the surgery went well. There’s a YouTube video about it but it’s a bit self promoting on Dr. Osborne’s part.

I hope this helps. :blush:

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I’m having surgery with Dr. Milligan on Monday, July 26, 2021. I came in with a CT scan. The radiologist did not say anything about my elongated styloids. Dr. Milligan had only read the radiologist report before I came in. I came in with a bone sticking out of my tonsil and after feeling for it, he said “I know what you have.” Then he went and looked at my CT scan and measured them for himself on the scan. I hope that helps.

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I’m so glad to read the Dr. Milligan could take care of you fairly quickly. It will feel so good to have that bone out of your tonsil (after some recovery, of course!). You will most likely notice some symptoms are much less painful once you’re out of surgery.

I’ll put your surgery date on my calendar & will pray for you that day. Dr. Milligan is a great surgeon & has done surgery for many of our members over the years. :hugs:

Thank you so much! I will post as soon as I can :slightly_smiling_face:

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My calendar reminded me your surgery is tomorrow. Just want you to know I’ll be thinking of & praying for you. :hugs: :heart:

Thank you!