Calcified styloid ligaments 3D conversion no diagnosis

Hi everyone. This is a recent 3D conversion that shows what I think are the calcified ligaments. My pain and discomfort on the right side is becoming progressively worse.
I have a message in with Dr. Annino in Boston. Will follow up on Monday. I shared these with doctor and he still doesn’t think this is ES. Does anyone out there have similar looking styloid ligaments that are or are not classified as ES. Any insight or comparable scans would be helpful.
Thanks! Attached are 3 D scans.

Looks like calcified sections of ligament to me, although we’re not doctors…it would be interesting to hear what Dr Annino thinks they are, or whether he thinks they’re not enough to cause ES symptoms? He has done successful surgeries, a shame if he won’t help you.

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I agree w/ Jules. You have some significant ligament calcification. Stylohyoid ligament calcification affects the nerves just like elongated styloids do. Unfortunately, many doctors don’t count that situation as ES & thus don’t believe ligament calcification alone, without styloid elongation, can cause symptoms.

I hope Dr. Annino is not one of the doctors who takes that stand & therefore can justify doing surgery to help you.

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